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At FOCUS, we have mission to make the high-quality education more affordable and accessible for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FOCUS Sports Education?

FOCUS is a digital sports education platform sharing expertise in sports with a mission of democratization of access to high-quality education. FOCUS programs connect you to the best minds sports both from on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch to advance your career.

What is FOCUS Sports Education’s goal?

FOCUS Sports Education has a mission of democratization of access to high-quality sports education. In this regard, FOCUS has centered its model strictly parallel to ‘Goal #4: Quality Education’ of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals where the goal is ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Is FOCUS Sports Education a non-profit organization?

FOCUS Sports Education is a for-profit company; FOCUS is revealed in an attempt to tackle overcharged prices of sports education programs with the aim of making high-quality sports education accessible for everyone. Like everyone, absolutely, we believe too that better coaches will help to grow more qualified generations. Although we are a for-profit company, we charge only very fair prices that are methodically calculated considering the different economical profiles around the world. Our prices are affordable for almost everyone, if not, we provide scholarships to 50 students every year.

What are included in FOCUS Sports Education programs?

FOCUS Sports Education programs offer a wide range of learning content. You will engage with your instructors with live sessions, participate in peer discussions, and enhance your knowledge with articles, podcasts, and many more supportive learning materials—all from your home or office. Every program may require different content. Please, have a look on a program’s page to see what we all offer.

How much do FOCUS Sports Education programs cost?

FOCUS certification programs cost 250€-400€. It might show differences depending on the program. We offer discounts for groups. Please, have a look on ‘For Clubs/Associations’ page for more information.

Is there any application process and do I need to pay an application fee?

Our classes are on English for now. You can easily have a look on trailers if your level is on an enough level to understand classes and supportive learning content. We definitely do not request any application fee as our mission is democratization of access to high-quality education for everyone.

Do you offer any scholarship?
FOCUS aims to revolutionize the sports education; thus, generating well-rounded sport coaches and executives. As learning is more important than ever, a high-quality education must be accessible for everyone. We provide scholarship to 50 students every year who meets to our eligibility requirements. You can contact us via [email protected]
Is everything completely online?

FOCUS Sports Education programs are 100% online. TOP20 Students will take an opportunity to make an internship at a world-class club. This is the only on-site activity considering the current situation.

Will I be charged taxes?

Depending on where you live, you may be charged taxes in addition to your annual membership price. If tax applies, you will see it stated separately on your emailed invoice. Tax rates are calculated based on your location or the billing information you provided at the time of purchase. Should you have any additional questions about taxes you were charged, please view our Support Help-desk article on taxes or contact us at [email protected]

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If you have more questions, please contact us. We’re happy to hear from you!

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    Our new lecturer is Rodrigo Picchioni who is the Head of Analytics at Atletico Mineiro. We trust for many reasons that Rodrigo will give a proper lecture into how the department of data/analytics needs to be structured and make an impact for the club on and off the pitch.

    Rodrigo Picchioni headed a newly created analytics department at Atletico from 2021 on, they demonstrated their commitment to becoming a standard bearer in the region in the intelligent use of data to make better decisions. Prior to Atletico, Rodrigo worked as Director of Football Assistant at Red Bull Bragantino and in coaching roles in different countries.

    Aloys is the technical director of elite youth teams of the Netherlands FA as the key part of the football development department. He shapes the certification of the youth training programs, and he contributes to the guidance and assessment of the KNVB coaches. Aloys gives lectures in KNVB’s academy directors educational programs.

    Gianpaolo is one of top level legal experts in the intl sports business. He has vast experience in advising all range of sports stakeholders. He lectures in FIFA Diploma in Football Law, in UEFA Football Law Program and in Sports Management at the Uni. of St.Gallen. Previously, he headed the Players’ Status Department of FIFA.

    Mads is a writer and a football consultant, with experience as a coach and sporting director, and recently worked for Al-Jazira, the UAE champion as well as at clubs such as Brondby, at Guangzhou FC as head of recruitment, Shanghai SIPG as technical director. Mads recently published the book ‘How hard can it be?’.