Professional Certification Program for Football Agents

Professional Certification Program

Football Agents

Learn in-depth about new FIFA regulations & legal subjects, and new ways to increase the potential of your players’ commercial & sporting assets.

Master the strategies you need to advance

This 360-degree program will give a completely fresh vision for understanding the technical dimensions of client representatives in today's modern football.

Next-level knowledge

Equip yourself with the skillset that will be your competitive advantage

Learn from top professionals

Connect to profs who apply their expertise in elite football

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100% online - complete with your peers or at your own pace - up to you

What you'll learn

Gain a fresh vision to increase the potential of your players’ commercial & sporting assets that will eventually create an impact on and off the pitch.

A high impact program that fits your busy schedule

Dates TBD
Duration 10 Weeks
Content 22x Live Lectures, case
studies and articles
Format %100 Online

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Regardless of your level or title in your career, this program will equip you with the skillset that today's modern sports agents have which will enable you to maximize your productivity thus your clients' potential.

Football Agents

• Transform your organization.
• Sharpen your skills with new ways.

(Former) Footballers

• Take a step into management career.

Technical/Sporting Directors

• Leverage strategy in your work.
Scouts/Chief Scouts
• Develop practical skills.

Stay inspired with an expansive library of learning content

As a member, you get access to numerous learning content focused on the biggest trends and challenges in today’s sports world both on and off the pitch.

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Master the legal aspects of your expertise, and increase the value of commercial and sporting assets of your clients.

Module 1: Essentials of Football Agency and Intermediation
  • WEEK-1

    • Live Lecture 1: Principles of client representation, understanding the needs/expectations of your clients: clubs, players (including minors), and coaches

    • Live Lecture 2: Understanding football clubs’ expectations

  • WEEK-2
    • Live Lecture 3: Women’s football – Status Quo
      > Lecturer: Sabrina Buljubasic, Former CEO of Sarajevo FK

    • Live Lecture 4: Women’s football – Regulations and contractual matters

Module 2: FIFA Football Agent Regulations and Representation Agreement
  • WEEK-3

    • Live Lecture 5: FIFA Football Agent Regulations (1) – Analysis of the New Regulations
      > Lecturer: Luis Villas-Boas, Head of Agents at FIFA

    • Live Lecture 6: FIFA Football Agent Regulations (2) – Representation Agreement where the principal is a player, Mandates with other agents

Module 3: International Transfer of Footballers
  • WEEK-4

    • Live Lecture 7: FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (1)FIFA Transfer Matching System, FIFA Clearing House, Training compensation and solidarity mechanism, TPO & TPI, Loans and temporary transfers, Out-of-contract transfers

    • Live Lecture 8: FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (2) – International transfer of Minors 

    • Live Lecture 9: The construction of the Transfer Agreement
      > Lecturer: Gianpaolo Monteneri, Monteneri Sports Law

Module 4: Football Players’ Employment Agreements
  • WEEK-5
    • Live Lecture 10: Special Contractual Clauses (express/implied terms, unilateral extension options, liquidated damages clauses, % of the future transfer fee, arbitration clause etc.)
      > Lecturer: Anna Smirnova, Monteneri Sports Law
    • Live Lecture 11: Financial Disputes – Breach of employment agreement with / without just cause and implications (article 17 FIFA RSTP), Overdue Payables (article 12bis FIFA RSTP), Sporting succession, Dispute resolution before FIFA and the CAS
      > Lecturer: Anna Smirnova, Monteneri Sports Law

  • WEEK-6

    • Live Lecture 18: International Tax Principles
      > Lecturer: Panagiotis Roumeliotis, Sports & Tax Associate at EY Switzerland

      > Lecturer: Mario Tenore, Tax advisor at Maisto e Associati 

Module 5: Career Planning & Management (of a Transfer Process)
  • WEEK-7

    • Live Lecture 13: Defining a clear career strategy for your client – Career planning & management

    • Live Lecture 14: Essentials of making a move

    • Live Lecture 14: Negotiating with third parties (clubs, other agents)

Module 6: Essentials of Endoresement and Sponsorhip
  • WEEK-8

    • Live Lecture 16: Branding of clients – Strategy, Creation and Development

    • Live Lecture 17: Essentials of Endorsement and Sponsorship
      > Lecturer: Domenico Novella, Global Commercial Director, Entourage Sports & Entertainment

    • Live Lecture 18: Legal Essentials of Endorsement and Sponsorship
      > Lecturer: Olivier Ducrey, Partner, Times Attorney

  • WEEK-9
    • Live Lecture 19: Intellectual Property in Sports 
      > Lecturer: Dr Michael Noth, Partner, Times Attorney
    • Live Lecture 20: Image Rights, Licensing Agreements, NFT contracts (Image Rights Contractual provisions)
      > Lecturer: Dr Michael Noth, Partner, Times Attorney
Module 7: Post-Career Planning
  • WEEK-10

    • Live Lecture 21: Overview of Wealth Management
      > Lecturer: Francesco Oliveti, Senior Wealth Manager at EFG Bank
    • Live Lecture 22: Wealth and Estate Planning of footballers
      > Lecturer: Filippo Turato, Director at Capital Trustees
      > Lecturer: Alessandra Pennuto, Trust & Wealth Planner at Capital Trustees

Meet your lecturers

Top professionals and industry leaders will help you to gain a fresh vision for understanding the technical areas of sporting directorship excellently.

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You’ll join a cohort of ambitious, generous professionals who will help you grow.

See what our members are saying

Ross Dunbar
Deputy CEO · Shelbourne Football Club
The modern sporting director has to spin so many plates these days. From recruitment to scouting, to the academy to sports science. The Foundations of Sporting Directors Course offers an overview of all these specialised subject areas, with a combination of contemporary case studies and experts in the field.

A worthwhile investment in your career journey.
Richard Gunney
Former Assistant Coach · San Diego Wave FC
The Foundation of Sporting Directors Course was a very enjoyable learning experience. The course offers a good blend of live lectures combined with recorded content from experienced operators in the field. You are provided with good supporting materials and short weekly assignments that allow you to share thoughts with others on the course. The course provides flexibility around ongoing commitments and provides the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field from around the world.

If you are interested in gaining some valuable theory and practical insights regarding the work of a Sporting Director I would highly recommend this course.
Terry Burton
Former Director of Football · WBA
I had been looking around on different website to take a Sporting Directors course and a friend recommended the Focus Foundation of Sporting Directors course to me.

I am so pleased that they did as this 4 week's course has supplied a wealth of information on building a strategy that covers Senior and Academy recruitment processes in depth with expert presentations from some top people who have worked in the industry for many years. The course supplied so much information with well-structured lessons with many relevant case studies. The assignments are thought-provoking and make you look at your own beliefs in how a successful football club should be run with feedback from your fellow cohort of students.

In all an excellent well administrated informative introduction to becoming a Sports director in football.
Ellis Plummer
Scout at Manchester City
Super introduction to a career in the Sporting Director field. Something which isn't overly available at the moment, especially with this quality of experienced professionals.
Darian Wilker
Former Head of Performance Analysis, Orlando Pirates FC
Ingo Winter really does well to provide short intense lessons to further your knowledge and take key learnings for the future. The live lectures are of a high standard where you interact with professionals. The course content from Case Study and Articles were at a very high level, always complementary to each other, this paired with the assignments creates a great platform for sharing and learning from each individual in the group cohort. I would definitely recommend the Foundations of Sporting Directors Course as the networking and key learning opportunities are very valuable for all those looking to expand in this area now or in the future.
Nicholas Evans
Executive Director Growth & Strategy
The Foundations of Sporting Directors Course I found to be incredibly engaging and informative. The course was able to allow peer engagement to exist that was stimulating and thought provoking on a number of subjects within Club Strategic Operations. The quality of guest speakers who were experts in their respective fields added to the value of the learning journey as they shared real life experiences and provided insight into how their context was managed/operated. This course provides the opportunity to question previously held individual assumptions on strategic operating inside professional football, provide thought-provoking interaction and dialogue amongst internal and external peers, and puts focus on individual learning commitment.
Paul Mitchell
Managing Director, Siyavuma Sports Group
I really enjoyed participating in the Foundation of Sporting Directors Course. I met some great colleagues from around the world, from different parts of the industry, the group weekly chats we had were always interesting and informative. The lessons from Ingo Winther, were very informative, along with the various lecturers that we had from different areas of football. The course was delivered in a very laid-back manner, it’s lots of fun and very easy to fit around your daily work life, which was a bonus for me. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is considering taking part and I myself look forward to participating in the next course with Focus Education.
Matthew John
UEFA A License Coach
I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Focus sports education and am so pleased I decided to study with them to acquire more knowledge on the business side of the football industry and the important role of a sporting director through their program. The material presented in the course is very professionally delivered, relevant, fresh and easy to comprehend. During the web conferences I thought the speakers gave amazing insight and was very open to share their experiences and vast knowledge of the inner workings of the industry worldwide. The course was incredibly informative and helpful and I enjoyed studying with people from all over the world. I would highly recommend their course to anyone who is looking to break into the sports industry or is currently working in football or aspiring to get a career in football. The courses offer so many takeaways and lessons that will be used in the future, I can’t thank you enough for a very rewarding learning experience.
Wilbur Lasrado
Football Strategist and Consultant
This helped me learn much more, especially about sticking to a problem and finding ways to resolve it. As a result, I have been able to explore new philosophies across different perspectives on recruitment and beyond. The course had excellent content strengthened by assignments that have added a new dimension to my thinking as a future sporting director.
Ekran Resmi 2022-09-30 11.14.24
Davide Igono
I was pleasantly surprised by the Sporting Director Course. The video lectures with Ingo were concise and very informative. I also liked all the live lectures. It is very valuable to get insight from those throughout the industry. I especially liked the live lecture with Ahmet Schaefer and Ingo Winter. I enjoyed the discussion with others in the group and I connected with some of the outside of the course.

Master the legal aspects of your expertise, and
increase the value of commercial & sporting assets of your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FOCUS Sports Education?

FOCUS is a digital sports education platform sharing expertise in sports with a mission of democratization of access to high-quality education. FOCUS programs connect you to the best minds sports both from on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch to advance your career.

What is FOCUS Sports Education’s goal?

FOCUS Sports Education has a mission of democratization of access to high-quality sports education. In this regard, FOCUS has centered its model strictly parallel to ‘Goal #4: Quality Education’ of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals where the goal is ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Is FOCUS Sports Education a non-profit organization?

FOCUS Sports Education is a for-profit company; FOCUS is revealed in an attempt to tackle overcharged prices of sports education programs with the aim of making high-quality sports education accessible for everyone. Like everyone, absolutely, we believe too that better coaches will help to grow more qualified generations. Although we are a for-profit company, we charge only very fair prices that are methodically calculated considering the different economical profiles around the world. Our prices are affordable for almost everyone, if not, we provide scholarships to 50 students every year.

What are included in FOCUS Sports Education programs?

FOCUS Sports Education programs offer a wide range of learning content. You will engage with your instructors with live sessions, participate in peer discussions, and enhance your knowledge with articles, podcasts, and many more supportive learning materials—all from your home or office. Every program may require different content. Please, have a look on a program’s page to see what we all offer.

How much do FOCUS Sports Education programs cost?

FOCUS certification programs cost 250€-400€. It might show differences depending on the program. We offer discounts for groups. Please, have a look on ‘For Clubs/Associations’ page for more information.

Is there any application process and do I need to pay an application fee?

Our classes are on English for now. You can easily have a look on trailers if your level is on an enough level to understand classes and supportive learning content. We definitely do not request any application fee as our mission is democratization of access to high-quality education for everyone.

Do you offer any scholarship?
FOCUS aims to revolutionize the sports education; thus, generating well-rounded sport coaches and executives. As learning is more important than ever, a high-quality education must be accessible for everyone. We provide scholarship to 50 students every year who meets to our eligibility requirements. You can contact us via [email protected]
Is everything completely online?

FOCUS Sports Education programs are 100% online. TOP20 Students will take an opportunity to make an internship at a world-class club. This is the only on-site activity considering the current situation.

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Depending on where you live, you may be charged taxes in addition to your annual membership price. If tax applies, you will see it stated separately on your emailed invoice. Tax rates are calculated based on your location or the billing information you provided at the time of purchase. Should you have any additional questions about taxes you were charged, please view our Support Help-desk article on taxes or contact us at [email protected]

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    Our new lecturer is Rodrigo Picchioni who is the Head of Analytics at Atletico Mineiro. We trust for many reasons that Rodrigo will give a proper lecture into how the department of data/analytics needs to be structured and make an impact for the club on and off the pitch.

    Rodrigo Picchioni headed a newly created analytics department at Atletico from 2021 on, they demonstrated their commitment to becoming a standard bearer in the region in the intelligent use of data to make better decisions. Prior to Atletico, Rodrigo worked as Director of Football Assistant at Red Bull Bragantino and in coaching roles in different countries.

    Aloys is the technical director of elite youth teams of the Netherlands FA as the key part of the football development department. He shapes the certification of the youth training programs, and he contributes to the guidance and assessment of the KNVB coaches. Aloys gives lectures in KNVB’s academy directors educational programs.

    Gianpaolo is one of top level legal experts in the intl sports business. He has vast experience in advising all range of sports stakeholders. He lectures in FIFA Diploma in Football Law, in UEFA Football Law Program and in Sports Management at the Uni. of St.Gallen. Previously, he headed the Players’ Status Department of FIFA.

    Mads is a writer and a football consultant, with experience as a coach and sporting director, and recently worked for Al-Jazira, the UAE champion as well as at clubs such as Brondby, at Guangzhou FC as head of recruitment, Shanghai SIPG as technical director. Mads recently published the book ‘How hard can it be?’.